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The last show of the week, today we are talking about leadership. Leadership is a skill that is essential to career advancement, one that can really change the way you shape your career. For an organization, having good leaders is necessary. However, we have seen how different styles of leadership affect the workplace. Leadership comes in … [more]

Today we have a little bit more of a dense show. Today Ms. Desai and I discuss 10 skill sets that can really get you noticed and change the way companies and organizations look at you. These are 10 simple skills that you can learn, and a combination of just 2 or 3 skills is … [more]

Our topic for today is all about career paths. Many people are in a position where they are unsatisfied with the work they are doing. Despite the experience coming from the job, there is no happiness and desire to stay with the job they are in. Career management is a difficult thing to manage, but … [more]

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