Welcome to Career Advancement Radio with our host Dr. Marilyn Carroll.  Our show airs weekly on Monday mornings at 11:30am Eastern time. Each week we spotlight organizations within the Educational, Employment, or Professional Association communities who help their clients and members achieve extraordinary career achievement.

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Our Featured Shows

On the July 30, 2012 edition of Career Advancement Radio, our guests were Vanessa Parker and Katerina Taylor Co-founders of EntrepreneuHER an organization focused on empowering women entrepreneurs. The show’s topic was “Career Destination Entrepreneur.” We looked at factors such as decision making, no ideal is too small, the fear factors, and lifestyle. We concluded … [more]

On the July 23, 2012 edition of Career Advancement Radio, the show’s topic was Educational Opportunities for Veterans “Is $17,000 ++ waiting for you to change your career landscape?”  Our panel of speakers included: Jacquelyn Willis-Walker, Educational Program Specialist Georgia State University, Marvin Hall –Acting Director Veterans Upward Bound, Georgia and Bill Garvey Academic Advisor, … [more]

On the July 16, 2012 edition of Career Advancement Radio, our guest was Sarah Hathorn the show’s topic was “How to Super Charge Your Career?”  We discussed the importance of branding, preparation and competing in the new economic environment, the importance of being prepared, flexible, and adaptable to change. Based on the experiences and expertise … [more]

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