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Today we continue our discussion of skills that can radically change your life. Again, these are simple skills that can be practiced and are great habits to make. We pick up from where we left off with the last episode, and are again joined by Ms. Komal Desai to give a millennial viewpoint on these … [more]

Today we discussed a topic that is applicable to everyone. Our focus for today is on simple skills that can really change and improve your life. This topic has been split into two shows because of how dense this topic is, but we took the time to really explain each skill, and talk about the … [more]

On today’s show, we took a look at the idea of vacation in the working world and how important it is to take some time off. Everyone likes to  have the ability to take time off, have a time in which we allows ourselves to get away from the schedule of working life. However, even … [more]

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